Practice Areas

Business and corporation
Business Litigation, Arbitration, Mediation
Business Dispute, Breach of Contract
Complex Business Case
Business Debt Collection
Business Bankruptcy, Asset Protection
Business Fraud, Trade Secrets, Unfair Competition
Draft and Review Buy-Sell Agreement
Business Formation, Reorganization, Dissolution
Stock Ownership and Transfer, Shareholders Disputes
Custom Law and Customs Duty Disputes
Labor Disputes, Employer Protection
General Legal Counsel
International Business Law
International Debt Collection and Litigation

New Bankruptcy Law Consultation
Bankruptcy Litigation
Consumer Bankruptcy
Commercial Bankruptcy
Pre-Bankruptcy Asset Planning
Bankruptcy Litigation, Settlement
Bankruptcy Fraud, Creditor Rights
Lawsuit Prevention and Assets Protection plan

Debt Reduction
By as much as 50% to 100%
Focusing on Credit Card Debt, Trade Debt
Judgment Awards, Gambling Debt, Bank Loans
Personal Loans, Medical Bills
Installment Payment Plans
Collection of Medium to Large Bad Debt
Unfair Debt Collection
Complex Debt Related Case
Asset Location, Judgment Enforcement

Real Estate
Stop Foreclosure
Commercial Lease
Commercial Rent
Transfer Title
Homestead Exemption
Buy-sell Agreement
Loan Agreement
Agency Dispute


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